For those of you that are in Knoxville for the game 2mrw please visit our newest member of the family, FIVE Knoxville. Located in the heart of downtown Knoxville on Gay Street. @fiveknoxville#jazzbrunch drinks start flowing at  noonAmerican Lunch Truck returns today at Alberta Baptist Church, where we are serving a Sante Fe Chicken soup with tortilla chips from 11am to 1pm, courtesy of our commissary Five Bar. For more information visit us I n the web at Americanlunch.org to donate to our nonprofit. 
#forthepeople #freelunch #americanlunchFridayWine Wednesday: shrimp rigatoni and 1/2 off bottles of wine #comeseeus
Every Thursday!American Lunch truck is out by the Tuscaloosa County Courthouse today serving up hot seafood gumbo with white rice courtesy of our commissary Five Bar. Visit us on the web at Americanlunch.org for more information or to donate to our non profit. Have you gotten your free lunch yet?
#forthepeople #freelunch #americanlunchAmerican Lunch truck returns to Tuscaloosa County Court House today where we are serving seafood gumbo with white rice, courtesy of our Commissary- Five Bar. For more information, visit our website at Americanlunch.org and donate to our non-profit either online or in person.
#freelunch #forthepeople #americanlunchFIVE JAVA  #nationalcoffeeday#sundaysinseptember
WhereItAmerican Lunch has returned to Tuscaloosa! We are providing hearty soups to those in need every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for free. For more information visit our website americanlunch.org #freelunch#forthepeople$5 Cheeseburgers all night long! #SundaysinSeptemberFriday
American Lunch truck is out this Monday at Alberta Baptist Church serving up a hot Santa Fe Chicken soup, courtesy of our commissary Five Bar. Come see us in action to donate or just enjoy a hot meal from TuscaloosaHave you been served yet? American Lunch is out in this amazing Fall weather serving up hot Vegetable Beef Soup with toast by Rosedale Baptist Church today. Catch us in action or online for more information at Americanlunch.org to donate to our non profit.
#forthepeople #freelunch #americanlunch #wheresthebeefThe BLT salad has been a popular addition to our brunch menu. If you havenSaturdayLadies Night: we